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OptTech Info

Concept Development

A selection of some proof of concepts and ideas for product development and funding opportunity presentations and […]

Product Development Collection

Bulevar Descarga Web

Bulevar Descarga is an original music band from San Diego and Tijuana.

Bodegas F Rubio Wine

Bodegas F. Rubio is a fine wine establishment located in the “Valle de Guadalupe” region in Ensenada […]

Advantage Printing

Advantage Printing is a full-service one-stop shop for all your business printing needs. Our capabilities begin at […]

BadBoy Vodka

BadBoy Vodka is the official drink of NBA Hall of Fame star Dennis Rodman. This is a full product development project that incorporated not only visuals but market strategy.

My Cause Water

My Cause Water is artesian natural water with a strong purpose. The project involved research, concept and full product development from idea to shelf.

Make Me Vitamins

A full brand and product development project. Logo, Website, POS Material, and more.

UNI:TE Date Seed Drink

Unite is an Innovative, new concept to the beverage industry. A product line that involves Packaging, Brand Management, Web design and more...

Premier Brands Inc

Premier Brands is a public traded company that offers consulting, product development and company incubator.

Lean – Slow Motion Potion

A target specific product with research and artwork that synchronize to balance a product designed from product. A full branding and packaging project

Pangea Unite

Pangea Untie is an artist community with the soul purpose of unity trough Music, Art, and Culture

Neo Supplements

Neo Supplements is a product line designed to sell in c-stores and pharmacies all over the US. A full product development project


Obesity control Surgery is a network of doctors who are from Mexico or go to Mexico to help patients have an affordable, safe and reliable operation. A corporate ID and branding project.

Bulevar Descarga Music Band

Bulevar Descarga is an original music band.

Tequila Nativo

Tequila Nativo is a project from Mexico. Tequila expert developer, Rene Favila who was working with the idea of re-branding very good tequila.

Inhoga commercial real estate

Inhoga Group is a professional Real Estate Company with over 18 years’ experience in Commercial Real Estate

Fix Commercial Maintenance

Fix is a national large industrial commercial maintenance company that services buildings, factories and commercial real estate.

Cafe Maya

Maya café espresso is a proof of concept idea based on an artesian iced coffee/espresso that offers a smooth taste but with a traditionally strong kick of natural energy.

Asador 133 Restaurant

Asador is a Mexican-American Restaurant in San Diego. This is a web development project.

Vitamin Supplements

This is still a work in progress but decided to post it up for comments and review.

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victorenciso-iconHi! I am a Marketing Graphic Designer and web developer that has been satisfying clients for over 12 years. I have been very lucky in my career developing corporate IDs, websites, and products that have sold in the entire US and other countries. Having successfully been directing and designing visuals for a while now has given me even more love for this work. I am very passionate about what I do and hope to keep doing this for as long as I can.
I have worked with public trade companies, entrepreneur’s advertising agencies, web developers other graphic artists, musician’s business owners, friends and family.

I started early on in my carrier as a part of a marketing team highly involved in production (mainly overseas). This helped with developing skills and knowledge about the production process, communication and other important aspects of the business.

With experience and a marketing background this has allowed me to incorporate other factors to the creative/development process. Things like: sales and projections, pricing, profit margins, managing budgets, and highly active with logistics, distribution and sales planning.

I take every job I commit to very seriously and understand the importance of every job or design, from a fortune 500 company looking to develop a new product or brand, to a garage project with a lot of hart and great expectations. I try to make every project go as smoothly as possible providing great communication tools keeping the customer in the loop as much as required.

Contact me today to schedule a conference call.

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““Good design, is imagination, art, intelligence & culture made visual”.” 
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 Full responsive Website Development

Learn how you can get a styling, up to date responsive website you can easily manage yourself. Also SEO Packages are available as well as website makeover package. Contact me today to answer any questions!

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Our marketing and Graphic

Brand ID

A brand is the direct relationship between the consumer and his experience with the product/service offered by the brand. It is highly important to have a clear message of what you want your customers to perceive. I follow a carefully strategic format that allows the customers to engage in the project in a logical simple way.

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Specialized in product packaging I offer a complete solution for your product development and packaging needs. I work alongside with your team consulting researching and understanding the market before heading to the graph table. This process usually helps the customer not only understand the outcome better, but saving money to!

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Web Design

The foundation for any solid website is quality design, development and a comprehensive user interface. I believe in working hard and setting standards high, so we write code, take pictures, enhance Ideas all with the single purpose of developing a custom fit website for your business or project.

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Sometimes it is better to know then to try and then know! The main purpose of using consulting hours is to save money. Most people take a “trial and error” approach especially when starting out. Ending up in unnecessary spending and mismanage of time. I offer an inexpensive consulting rate that helps in almost any situation.

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Please contact me to shcedule a conference call to go over your project. I am more than happy to help in any way possible.

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